Watato was established in 1921 as a bean confectionery store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.Since then, we have
continued to make Kinako Sweets, including Gokaho, for over 100 years.

Founder Watanabe Tosaku

The name “Watato” was created from the name of “Watanabe Tosaku”, the founder of Watato. Watato started as a bean candy store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Shortly thereafter, he learned how to make “Gokabo” from a confectioner in Kumagaya City. For the past 100 years , and they have continued to make traditional Japanese sweets.
We pass on the culture of the “Gokabo” to the next generation. We will deliver smiles and kindness with “Kinako” sweets.

Fourth President Masayasu Watanabe

When I was 27 years old, I decided to become the 4th Generation Five Family Treasure Craftsman.
The reason I entered the family business was when my grandfather, who had been working as a craftsman until the age of 86, had a stroke.
At that time, Watato was thinking of going out of business. However, while my grandfather was paralyzed and speech impaired in the hospital, he taught me how to make the Gokabo using his mobile hand on his bed.
Looking at my grandfather, I felt a strong desire to take over Gokabo craftsmanship, and decided to take over the family business.
My grandfather passed away around the same time I joined the company, but I decided to carry on my grandfather’s thoughts and earnestly spread the culture of traditional sweets and the Gokabo.

Vision of WATATO

Rediscover the goodness of Kinako, a Japanese superfood, so that its deliciousness is known beyond the country.
   Traditional confectionery Inheriting the culture of the Gokabo, creating new values that match modern lifestyles, and adding as many smiles as possible to your home.
   And so that “KINAKO” will become a universal language.

WATATO standard item


A nostalgic Kinako sweet made by wrapping glutinous rice puffs in a dough made only from Kinako and honey sugar.
Because of its name, it is popular as a gift or as a greeting item as an auspicious sweet. Watato’s standard item.

Kinako twist

A Kinako sweet that melts in the mouth, with adzuki bean paste from Hokkaido sandwiched between Gokabo dough. Salt from Tokyo Oshima is used as a secret ingredient.

bamboo basket gift

A gift set containing Gokabo, Kinako twists, black sesame Kinako, red bean paste balls, etc. in a bamboo basket. It can be used for a variety of occasions, such as gifts and mid-year gifts.

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