Established in Nihonbashi in 1926
Watato, a kinako confectionery specialty store.

Watato is named after its founder, Tosaku Watanabe.
Founded as a bean confectionery shop in Nihonbashi, nearly 100 years
Continuing to make traditional sweets

One of the few Gokabo craftsmen in Tokyo
Kinako sweets to make

Founded in 1921. watato

Since our founding, we have been particular about soybean flour confectionery and have continued to make soybean flour confectionery such as Gokaho. The secret manufacturing method has been handed down to Mr. Masayui Watanabe, the fourth-generation Gokaho craftsman of Watato Co., Ltd., and has evolved to be more familiar and enjoyable in modern life.


\”Kinako Sweets Factory\” is a brand that makes nutritious soybean flour sweets that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We have arranged delicious and easy-to-eat soybean flour sweets, such as new sweets that wrap chocolate in the traditional Gokabo dough.

Sweets from now on that are gentle on the body.

Watato\’s soybean flour confectionery is made with as much additive-free and domestically produced ingredients as possible. For those who are particular about food and children, we have obtained Halal certification (Japan Asia Halal Association) and can enjoy it beyond the country.

Discerning soybean flour

Special roasted soybean flour is produced at Akiba Shoten, a roasting factory specializing in roasted soybean flour, which is rare even in Japan. Roasted soybean flour, which is roasted while finely adjusting the temperature and humidity every day, has a fragrant and deep taste.